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Lost Among the Baining: Adventure, Marriage, and Other Fieldwork

In this wry travel memoir, a fiasco of an anthropological field trip leaves the writer and her husband haunted by the Baining of New Guinea, a people who upend Western theories as well as the couple's young lives. Years later, they return to the jungle to make peace with this very different culture and their past.

Faint Praise: The Plight of Book Reviewing in America

Faint Praise takes a hard look at book reviewing in America. Exploring issues from publicity to bias, contrasting traditional reviewing with new alternatives, and weighing the inherent difficulties of reviewing against unacceptable practices, the book aims to help readers and authors understand the field, and reviewers to improve it.

For a full description of Faint Praise and excerpts from its reviews, please visit my Reviewing Books website.

Other People's Mail: An Anthology of Letter Stories

Other People’s Mail offers 17 modern letter stories, written by an international group of authors that includes Alice Munro, Nadine Gordimer, and Julio Cortazar. Each tale provides a distinct variation on the compelling letter theme: Who, after all, is immune to the seduction of reading other people’s mail?