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TraveLit--A blog about travel literature. 

     Even with the best of maps and instruments, we can never fully chart our journeys.

Travel Quotation

In a sense, all travel writers are novelists, with themselves as heroes."
--Malise Ruthven, Traveler Through Time: A Photographic Journey with Freya Stark, 


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Review: The Salt Path

The Salt Path: A Memoir

By Raynor Winn.  Penguin, 2018, 271 pp.

Imagine that you are 50 years old, you have just lost your farm, which was not only your home but also your livelihood, and you've learned that your husband, whom you've passionately loved since you were both teenagers, has a degenerative brain disease that is untreatable—what do you do?


If you're Raynor Winn, you decide that what you and your husband, Moth, should do is walk England's South West Coast Path, 630 miles, wild camping along the way.  This may not seem the most logical solution—especially since the doctor's advice to Moth was "Don't tire yourself, or walk too far."  And yet this plan proves to be an extraordinarily successful remedy, restoring dignity, health, and, ultimately, prosperity.


In The Salt Path, Winn takes us on a very personal journey, engrossing on two levels.   Read More 

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