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TraveLit--A blog about travel literature. 

     Even with the best of maps and instruments, we can never fully chart our journeys.

Review: Tales of Remarkable Birds

Tales of Remarkable Birds

By Dominic Couzens.  Bloomsbury, 2015, 224 pp.


In this beautifully illustrated book, the naturalist and bird guide Dominic Couzens takes readers on a world tour of some fascinating avian lives.  It is, he says, a "small taster for a great feast."  So many birds, so many extraordinary traits! 


But selecting for geographic breadth, a wide range of behaviors, and his own preferences (he likes handsome birds), Couzens has chosen well.  Some of the birds are familiar, some are obscure, but all, in the author's concise and engaging descriptions, offer surprise. Read More 

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