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TraveLit--A blog about travel literature. 

     Even with the best of maps and instruments, we can never fully chart our journeys.

Book Recommendation

Atlas of Imagined Places: From Lilliput to Gotham City.

By Matt Brown and Rhys B. Davies.  Batsford, 2021, 168 pp.


Another recommendation from the TLS.  MC, in his NB column, notes that the 20 maps in this atlas trace 5000 fictional locations that may be "entirely made up" but "set somewhere in Earth," or "based on somewhere real" but "have been renamed," such as Hardy's Wessex.


A notable comment from one Amazon reader is that the "Book arrived with all the pages bound upside down.  Not sure if this was printed this way deliberately or not."  Not complaining, however, he thinks this added to the "quirkyness" of the book!

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